Hi! This time I will discuss about the redesign of the Mola Tv application. This case study was made in a very short time (1 week only), for readers who have the same short processing time as me, maybe you can use this article as a reference.
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About Mola TV

Mola TV is a multi-platform channel as well as cable television, IPTV, and on-demand-over-the-top video services in Indonesia and Timor Leste owned and operated by GVM Networks.

The Challenge

  • Re-create a design flow for new and existing users, based on their preferences
  • To do a neat and minimalist design with a clear UI
  • Purchase subscription packages through the app

Design Process

This stage is made to determine the length of time for the redesign work.

User Persona

User persona is made to shorten the research time we go through. this will affect the amount of costs, the amount of time used.

User Flow

After the user persona is created, we will create a new user flow that refers to the problem we specified above. making user flow is very important considering that in this case study we are asked to re-create the user flow.


Before we create the actual ui design, we need to wireframe it. The purpose of creating a wireframe in the real case is to shorten the UI design time because we already have a layout of what to build.

Mid-Fidelity Design

In the mid-fidelity design process, I made 3 versions, desktop, tablet and mobile.


In this process, you can do it with invision (the link followed later)


Below is the final conclusion of the Mola TV redesign process. To answer the problems that have been made above, the author has given points to the pictures below.

Thank you for reading the mola TV case study that I have made. If readers have other opinions about the design process or about the final result, you can comment below.
See you in the next case study.


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